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Boucles de spa  :  04-05-06 / 04 / 2003

This year, our Club organises its famous Boucles de Spa Alphonse Delettre for the 46th consecutive year.

Some changes for this 46th edition : the meeting takes place on next 4, 5 & 6 / 04 / 2003. Despite the late dates, our event is still the first Belgian event counting for the European Championship of the speciality.

The choice of the spring instead of the winter will make the life easier for everybody by avoiding every risk of snow.

The ex-white roads will thus abandon risks linked to their winter character. Tyres and moon boots will stay in the garage.

Regarding the route, the adoption of a new formula 100% tarmac, which is better adapted to current cars, will attract quality drivers and will offer wonderful possibilities of routes. The special stage on gravel “La Clémentine” is thus cancelled but doesn’t really disappear. She is replaced by a special stage 100 % tarmac of 9 KM that will have the same name and will keep some outstanding places of the former Clémentine.

A field of international stars in a festive atmosphere that attracts each year more than 150.000 fanatics.
So many factors of success for an event that fits in by tradition with the Belgian scene of motor racing.

Other novelty, we will greets historic cars.

And finally, one more good news, unlike some rumours in 2002, the “Boucles” 2003 will stay in the heart of Spa.
“The inhabitants of Spa are attached to their city”, says the organiser Pierre Delettre.

With the so late beginning of the season, we hope that everybody will be ready and that impatient (public as well as competitors) will still be more numerous.
Our aim is to attain once again 120 registered competitors notably thanks to the hoped come back of the Citroën Challenge and good contacts with the organisers of the Focus Tour.

The Boucles de Spa 2003 will begin with a show stage by night of 4 Km on the Champion’s Day route, in the middle of the illuminated substructure of the Spa-Francorchamps track.

On Saturday the competitors will make 3 laps of 4 stages (Ster, Stoumont, La Redoute, La Clémentine).

On Sunday the last stage will be composed with 2 passages in the stages of Spa, Aywaille, Bodeux and Wanne. With regrouping in wonderful settings, in the castle of Harzé and in the Abbayeyard in Stavelot.

With the acceptance of vehicles in accordance with FIA or English regulation, Pierre Delettre expects to welcome more or less 60 teams at the start of the rally.


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