The two events have simply become essential, both on the national motorsport stage and internationally. In the depts of winter, Legend Boucles @ Bastogne have pushed themselves across the editions into one of the biggest rally event reserved for historic cars, while the Escort Rally Special, based in Chimay, has quickly become a must for all enthusiasts of the legendary Ford Escort.
Should we therefore be surprised that on the one hand the Royal Automobile Club of Spa and on the other hand the Hainaut Motor Club have decided to join their forces...

The idea has been in the air for quite some time and finally we decided to concretize a collaboration between our two events”, comment in unison by Pierre Delettre and Christophe Jacob. “The objective is clear: to take advantage of the fame of each of the rallies to boost the other. A ‘win-win’ operation that suits us perfectly.”

In concrete terms, Legend Boucles @ Bastogne, who take place in the depts of winter, are committed to attract several Escort MK1 and MK2 enthusiasts from England and Ireland, while the Escort Rally Special is looking at the teams of Legend Boucles, not only at the rally event but also at the balade, by aligning the Escorts and the rally followers as well, who are always more numerous in the province of Luxemburg.

During the next Rally of Bertrix (10th & 11th of June), another event organized by the Royal Automobile Club de Spa, this collaboration between the two events will be presented at potential participants, while the Escort Rally Special, on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September, in Chimay, will reach directly to the Escort specialists. And at Bastogne, the Escort Special Rally will be present with a stand in return.

In addition, during the Escort Rally Special 2023, the car with number #0 and one of the cars engaged in ‘Demo’ will be in the colors of Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2024 and in February next year, the car with number #0 will be in the unmistakably signature of the event based in Chimay.

But that’s not all... “During the Escort Rally Special 2023, the first 3 winners in the categories ‘PH Classic’, ‘PH S/R’ and ‘Pinto’ will receive a discount of respectively 50, 30 and 25% on the entry fee for Legend Boucles @ Bastogne 2024, while the first three Escort competitors in the categories ‘Legend’, ‘Challenger’ and ‘Youngtimers’ will receive the same benefits for the Escort Rally Special 2024”, resume Pierre Delettre and Christophe Jacob. “A similar activity will also be made among the teams in ‘Demo’ at Chimay, with as result a discount on the entry fee for Bastogne in the category “Classic 50”.’’

In addition, we can to point out that the RAC Spa will organize a balade for Ford oldtimers and youngtimers as part of the Escort Rally Special...

In their desire to move forward, the organizers of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne and the Escort Rally Special have decided to involve the well-known Escort mechanic ANDES Motorsport in their projects. A trophy ‘Escort Masters by ANDES Motorsport’ will be set up in 2024, based on the three categories ‘Legend and PH Classic’, ‘Youngtimers and PH S/R’, as also ‘Challenger and Pinto’. The winners will benefit from a free entry at Bastogne and at Chimay in 2025, the second will benefit a 50% discount on the entry fee and the third will get a discount of 25%. The trophies will be awarded at the prize ceremony of the Escort Rally Special 2024.

For the participants of the throphy ‘Escort Masters by ANDES Motorsport’, a preferential rate will be offered by ANDES Motorsport in case of assistance under its wings. Logically, the idea behind this is to attract more foreign competitors and to reduce their costs by avoiding that they have to bring a complete assistance team with them.

Moving in the same direction, the living forces of the Legend Boucles @ Bastogne and the Escort Rally Special intend to continue, and even accentuate, their rally promotion efforts for cars of the time before. A discipline where the Escort obviously has an iconic value.

Pictures free of rights : Letihon.be & Escort Rally Special