16 & 17 février 2008

16 & 17 February 2008

Participate in the 50th “ Legend “Boucles de Spa ®” !

The rally sporting event of the year 2008 not be missed.

February 2008, the 50th Boucles de Spa ®, those of the recognition and sustainability, will offer a new edition of legend.

This fidelity to the region of Spa and surrounding areas, to the ambience, spirit and the cars of yesterday is a genuine popular success. It was a few years that we had seen a large audience but also mostly enthusiastic and passionate on the edges of the regularity tests: « La Clémentine », « La Redoute » or "Rahier" names just a few places as mythical, which enabled once more genuine exploits. The weather will be the appointment to embellish the spectacle and give us a real return to Routes Blanches?

No doubt, the formula made unanimously both success from the public authorities as competitors and as spectators.
To those who participated and those who have known the heroic period achievement of beginnings, the former who attended the exploits of the past, the Legend Boucles Spa ® 2008 will provide the deep emotion that only memories exciting know offer.
The other, the more young people, who know the origins of this adventure that through the wonderful stories which have been reported, will have this chance to live during a weekend in a past authentic.

And all those who will participate in this edition 2008, the third edition of this formula of legend and 50th Boucles de Spa ®, are prepared to write a new page on glorious record in this event.

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